NCS Hope Foundation Board Members


Danielle Geiger

“I have the privilege to serve on the HOPE foundation board since inception, first as the Vice President and most recently as President. It is an honor to provide assistance and services to cancer patients and their families in our community.”

Cliff McEvoy

“I don’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t aware of cancer.  Starting with my father when I was a young kid and in every stage of my life thereafter, whether it was a family member, friend or colleague, I’ve always known someone in the midst of their cancer diagnosis.  For my family and dad, he had to stop working for a while, my mom and to work more and our family friends helped us pay some bills, but I didn’t know that until years later because that assistance allowed us to still function as a family.  Other people gave me rides to football practice because my dad had doctor appointments or my mom had to work late.  But we were lucky to have help.  Others aren’t that lucky and I am proud to serve on the NCS HOPE Foundation board because I hope for a community where every family fighting cancer can find the support they need.”

Pam Priebe

Pam has been a member of the NCS Hope Foundation board since its inception in 2018 and currently serves as the foundation’s Treasurer.  Prior to the formation of the foundation, she was part of the patient assistance team within Nebraska Cancer Specialists.  “My “why” for serving on the board is the opportunity to help patients and their families.  It gives me great joy to know that we are making a difference for people when they need it the most.  We like to say that it’s the stories behind the dollars, we offer financial assistance and supportive resources so that the patient can focus on fighting this disease and being with their family.  Just one of the many reasons that I take great pride in serving on the NCS Hope Foundation board!”

Deborah Stangl

Deborah was one of the founding foundation board members and serves at the board secretary.  She prepares meetings and agendas and works with the foundation attorney on bylaws and other legal documents.  Deborah also maintains   s new board member paperwork.      

Kelly Horn

Kelly joined the NCS HOPE Foundation Board in 2018.  She serves as a board member and helps with event planning, fundraising efforts, and oversees the marketing, website, and social media.

“I unfortunately know firsthand how disruptive a cancer diagnosis can have on a family, not only physically but financially as well.  Luckily, the NCS HOPE Foundation exists to assist our communities in a variety of different ways from financial to emotional support.  I’m proud to serve on the board helping patients and families have what they need to get through one of the most delicate times in their life.”

Dr. Timothy Huyck

“I have served on the board of NCS Hope foundation for many years.  I use the term serve loosely as I don’t do a lot as a member of the board as my clinic schedule prevents me from being at our meetings but I manage to stay up on the happenings, act as a physician representative which prior to my involvement did not exist, and do whatever the board asks of me as an MD representative.  Of course none of this is important, because the purpose of this board, of this organization is not to attend meetings but is to be of service to those in our community (our friends, our neighbors, our family) who have been effected by cancer.”

“It is so heartbreaking as a physician when you see a new diagnosis of cancer; spending sometimes hours reviewing the diagnosis and scans and pathology and prognosis and treatment only for the patient to ask as you are leaving the room how they should pay for gas or rent or food as this diagnosis has changed their life.  Cancer is indeed a trauma, and like those who are effected by trauma or disasters, it is imperative as members of this community that we reach out to those in need to help how we can.  The NCS Hope Foundation is our response to those people whose lives are upended by cancer, and it is an honor to serve in whatever way I can to help this foundation continue to achieve those goals.”

Rosie Imig

Rosie began serving on the board since its inception as a board member.  She assists with the organizing and planning of events including the skin cancer screening and the celebration of life ceremony.  “I have a passion for helping others and love the mission of the HOPE Foundation.”

Steven Jerina

Steve started serving on the HOPE Foundation board in 2020. He brings in-depth knowledge about fundraising and philanthropy to the foundation’s efforts to assist those impacted by cancer. Steve serves because of cancer’s impact on his family; his father is a cancer survivor and his grandmother lost her battle with cancer when he was younger.

Kristi McHugh

Kristi serves on the NCS HOPE Foundation board of directors and organizes and oversees the annual free skin cancer event.  The skin cancer screening is a community event held in Omaha, open to the public.  Area dermatologists volunteer their time to perform the screenings and a group of volunteers help schedule, organize, and host the event.

“By joining the NCS HOPE Foundation, I am able to also be part of a great non-profit that is able to assist patients and families that are being affected by cancer.  The medical piece of cancer is just one part of a patients battle with cancer and the NCS HOPE Foundation is able to assist with the other half of the patients battle. As an active member of the board, I am also able to assist with community events and brainstorm other ways the foundation can help those affected by cancer.”

Jim Olmsted

I am new to the Hope Foundation Board and look forward to serving this great organization. I am a cancer survivor (4+ years post radiation, chemo, and surgery) and serve as a volunteer in the infusion center at Legacy. I can relate to the emotional and physical challenges that our cancer patients are going through, and enjoy visiting with them to provide empathy, encouragement and positive attitudes.

I have previously served as a Board member at Immanuel Health Systems (provider of services to the elderly retirement community), and at Mosaic (provider of services to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities). I am a licensed, professional civil engineer, and own and operate a consulting engineering business, which serves municipal clients in Nebraska and Iowa.

Alyssa Goedeken

Aly Goedeken started serving on the NCS Hope Foundation board in 2020. She has a passion for helping those in need, particularly in the cancer battle. Her family has been affected by cancer in many ways so anyway she can ease burdens of others, she will. She serves the board in an any needed way—fundraising, internal development, etc. and is excited to help take the organization to the next level.

Dan Walsh

Executive Director

Dan is the first executive director and first staff person for NCS HOPE Foundation. Dan is excited to work for NCS HOPE Foundation because it is something he’s passionate about and it connects with his background and skills in social work and nonprofits. Dan also sees a growing need in our community for people who struggle to overcome the growing financial stresses of cancer treatment. In Dan’s short time here, he has really enjoyed the people: the physicians, staff, volunteers, and patients, who are all hope-filled and inspiring.